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Novels are an adventure just waiting for you to open the pages and take a whirl. It is all about imagination and using it to escape. So take a spin and see where you end up and let your mind escape…  - Taige Crenshaw

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"A fresh, new, innovative voice in paranormal."

~ L.A. Banks, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author on Power of Instinct

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More Than Temptation



Totally Bound

May 2014
ISBN #: 9781781848128

Series: Singleton, Book #3

Genre: Contemporary/Interracial

Length: Novel

Format: Ebook & Trade Paperback



When temptation rises, giving in is more than sweet.

Bella Locke works hard at her supper club and doesn’t have time for anything else…or so she thinks. A special event at her club brings Bella to her favourite candy shop where she meets a man who is pure temptation.

Morgan James has a major sweet tooth. Visiting the candy shop for some treats, Morgan runs into a woman whose sweet, smoky voice makes him think of things he would rather not. His life is good, settled—he doesn’t need any complications. He tells her so too.

She leaves him with an invitation to come find her at a supper club. Despite his misgivings, Morgan seeks her out—Bella is pleased to see him and challenges him to take a chance.

They both are swept away into something that could be more than temptation.

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Immortal Bloodlines



Totally Bound

March 2014
ISBN #: 9781781849781
Series: Phoenix Intelligence Agency, Book #4

Genre: Paranormal/Multicultural

Length: Novella

Format: E-Book


A stubborn woman is hard to capture, but once you have, what do you do with her?

Storm Davis does not like being told what to do. Her new partner in the Phoenix Intelligence Agency seems to think he has the right. She can’t seem to shake him like she has her previous partners. He infuriates her with his calm, unaffected boredom. When his control shatters, it is with unexpected results, and Storm isn’t one to shy away from anything.

Killian Erutan is working through being brought back from the dead and now he’s a firebird. He is still an Amazonian Warrior but being a firebird, he has more to handle. Add to that the aggravating partner he’s saddled with and Killian has his hands full. Storm is flaky, a pain in the ass and used to having her own way. He will not stand for it. The warrior in him cannot trust such a person at his back. Yet she gets under his skin and one sizzling kiss later, he finds he aches for her with no idea why.

When they stumble upon the dangerous man they are seeking who can bring the collapse of the world, Storm surprises him with her actions. The danger of what they are facing and their rising passion make them come together.

Sometimes in life, you find the one who makes your immortal bloodline…come alive.

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6.5.14 ~

Cover Art & Blurb Posted ~  Unexpected Encounter (Singleton, Book #4).

5.22.14 ~

Contract ~ Unexpected Encounter (Singleton, Book #4) - Coming July 18, 2014 from Totally Bound.

5.9.14 ~ More Than Temptation (Singleton, Book #3) - Released by Totally Bound.  Purchase Here.
3.21.14 ~ That Should be on a T-Shirt Contest ~ Check out the details and how to enter here.
3.14.14 ~

Immortal Bloodlines (Phoenix Intelligence Agency, Book #4) - Released by Totally Bound.  Purchase Here..

2.23.14 ~

Cover Art & Blurb Posted ~  More Than Temptation (Singleton, Book #3).

2.20.14 ~

Contract ~ More Than Temptation (Singleton, Book #3) - Coming May 9, 2014 from Totally Bound.

1.24.14 ~

Perfect Fit (Singleton, Book #2) -  Released in print by Totally Bound.  Purchase Here.

1.10.14 ~

Power of Enticement (Blackstone Haven, Book #3) - Released by Totally Bound.  Purchase Here.

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