"A fresh, new, innovative voice in paranormal."

~ L.A. Banks, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author on Power of Instinct



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Power of Instinct



Series: Blackstone Haven, Book #2

Genre: Paranormal



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A familiar man of two souls will walk beside you. He will protect you with his animal soul. His human spirit will shelter you when you most need. Before the final step to merge your body and soul is taken, a choice must be made.

Sinai Blackstone never expected the prophecy she had to fulfill would create such complications. Her reasons for going against the prophecy are sound. But when Ian finds out, it isn’t just the prophecy that is affected. Sinai isn’t prepared to deal with all that being with Ian entails. There is so much more than fulfilling some family legend at stake. Her heart, soul, and very life are on the line.

Ian McIntyre knows that Sinai believes she did what’s for the best. Yet, she has no clue their joining is beyond even what she could know. It isn’t about choice. It’s just meant to be. He would face legends for her. Give his life if needed. There was no choice for him. He would be with Sinai no matter the cost. Nothing will stand in his way--not Sinai and her stubborn pride, not death that is stalking her, nor anything on this earth or any plane. Sinai is his other half, the match for his soul, blood, and body.

When it becomes primal, there is no other way to handle legacies, destiny, and prophecy except… to go with your Power of Instinct.


Warning: Content below is not suitable if under 18.


“Ian!” she screamed.

“No need to shout. I’m in here.” Ian’s voice came from her living room.

“What is Einstein doing with McGee and Reid? Heck, what is your whole animal farm doing with them? You—” Sinai stepped into the living room, then stopped.

She walked over and examined the big screen TV that took up the whole wall between her two bay windows. There was a lot of space between them, meaning that was a whole lot of TV. She had heard tales of Ian’s TV from her various family members and friends who went to his house to watch games or a movie. Sinai took a breath, trying to be calm.

“What’s going on?” she asked slowly as she turned to Ian.

He was leaning back on her couch, his arms behind his head and his crossed legs extended before him. Her gaze dropped, taking in how his jeans cupped his cock and encased his legs. Heat flooded her. She shifted.

“Since I’m moving in until after your birthday, I’ll need my things.”

Sinai blinked, sure she had heard him wrong. She shook her head. Ian nodded, a smug smile on his face.

“Hell, no!” Sinai roared.

She smacked away the soap. Ian’s hand flashed up, and he caught it. He stood in a lazy motion then walked in a loose-legged gait. Sinai’s heart started to race. She felt as if she was being stalked. She stood her ground as Ian walked right up to her.

He leant down and said softly, “Don’t test me, Nai.”

“You’re not moving in here. It’s not necessary,” she insisted.

Ian’s eyes dilated, then he said in a low tone, “Are you challenging me?”

Sinai raised her head. “On this I am.”


Copyright © Taige Crenshaw, 2019.

All Rights Reserved.

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