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Forever, I Do


Co-written with Koko Brown

Loose ID

February 2009

ISBN #: 978-1-59632-870-9

Genre: Contemporary/Interracial 

Length: Novella

Format: E-Book



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Rosalind Fletcher has a secret. Her one of a kind wedding cakes are infused with a loving spell handed down from mother to daughter for over a century. Her sought after creations are not only being delicious, but rumored to be lucky as well. Producing long-lasting marriages where the men never stray, the women don’t nag and 99.7% never face each other on opposite ends of a court room.

But what happens when her spell falls into the hands of the wrong person? Like Ashley Benedict, notorious playboy and wedding planner extraordinaire who eats a sample meant for his clients? There’s only one thing that can happen. He succumbs to the spells bewitching powers and sets out to charm the pants off of the hardworking sole proprietress of Forever, I Do cakes.

While Rosalind frantically searches for an antidote, she succumbs to Ashley’s lustful appetites. Will guilt push her into finding a successful cure for her bewitched lover, or will her heart allow herself to be locked into a loving relationship with a man who might not really be in love with her.


Warning: Content below is not suitable if under 18.


Ashley shuddered at the first taste of her lips. There was a beguiling sweetness he couldn’t place. Murmuring, he speared his tongue deeper into her mouth, dueling with her tongue, enjoying her taste.

Almonds and roses. She tasted sweet, decadent, and delicious.

He smiled inwardly when she leaned into him, her body fitting against his frame as if they were already lovers. Rosalind might deny she wanted him, but the chemistry they had and the way she kissed him back told the truth. She wanted him as much as he wanted her.

Slowly, he swirled his tongue around the inside of her mouth, then caught her tongue between his teeth. He bit down gently. She hissed, then went limp. Banding his arms around her tighter, he imagined the feel of her hot cunt gripping his cock as he took her hard and long. The thought made him shiver. He’d wanted her for so long. And now he had a taste, he wasn’t letting her go.

Rosalind reveled in the softness of his lips. The hard pressure of his kiss and the slight sting of pain as he bit her tongue made her pussy clench then flood with wetness. She gasped again at the heat of his mouth. Sliding her hands around his neck, she aligned her body with his. The muscular chest she had long ogled whenever he wasn’t looking felt better than she’d imagined.

Oh, man, he’s a good kisser! Rosalind mused as she swirled her tongue in counter motion to his and purred at the feel of his tongue mating with hers. He growled, nipped her tongue, then suckled. A full sensation flooded her pussy. She gasped at the shock of it locking her suddenly weakened knees.

Heat flooded over her tongue, ran down her throat, and burst under the force of her moan. It was like drinking a shot of moonshine -- hot, sensual, and straight to the head. Closing her eyes, she held him closer as he ravished and conquered.

Ashley’s groan vibrated against her tongue, driving her already heightened nerve endings into overdrive. With each motion of his firm lips and tongue, her pussy undulated.


Copyright © Koko Brown and Taige Crenshaw, 2009.

All Rights Reserved.

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